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We are not a traditional VC. We are a network of startup founders and partners. From how we generate ideas, discover customer needs, build companies, find and invest in other startups to how we help founders discover hidden customer needs and generate revenues, we operate as a network. When a startup joins Evidence, they are able to leverage our founder-partner network to rapidly develop evidence that their product has market acceptance.

Healthcare partners

We seek a diverse group of medical professionals, proven startup founders, healthcare executives, student scouts, regulatory and payment experts -- representing different backgrounds, ethnicities and genders -- with affiliation to startup accelerators, research institutions, clinical environments, regulatory processes and healthcare payment modalities. 

University partners

Research universities are a hotbed of innovation, most of which are never commercialized.  Our Evidence First program will help researchers and universities validate the commercial potential of their research. Our ideal university partners have great connectivity with students, postdocs and MD-Phd's active in academic research.


We now have immense opportunities to transform great ideas into great experiences, and to deploy new solutions within capable operating models. We seek partners to join our human-centered and multi-disciplinary teams to help founders with the heavy lift that comes from doing things no one has done before. 

Selection criteria

Key opinion leadership of the field, connectivity with founders, active in research or clinical practice, business expertise creating new services within healthcare organizations, complementarity of network (minimal overlap with our existing networks), and references on insight, helpfulness and character.

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