Our Mission

AI solutions to treat Neurological diseases

We help entrepreneurs do things that have not been done before
ProCure Fund
21st century healthcare is being built on data and
powered by AI.

ProCure leads pre-seed and seed stage financings in transformative health tech companies. Our data platform accelerates research and product development with AI-ready patient data from wearables, sensors and smart devices, and from medical systems. 

We will work with you from the idea stage through to growth stage accelerating your AI solution development with patient approved HIPAA compliant data across all neurological conditions, including ALS, Stroke and Alzheimers.

Our sole purpose is to find solutions through cutting-edge AI technologies for some of the most pressing needs of our time while helping you join the the next set of emerging multi billion dollar healthcare enterprises. We deeply understand the patience,  perspective, and relentlessness that it takes to pull this off. We have been there, and can get as excited as you are about the problem you’re solving. We want you to help us dream with you to make this happen

ProCure Academy

We regularly host through leaders in our field providing deep insights through our webinars, roundtable discussions, and clubhouse events. Join us. at an upcoming event.

Upcoming Events
  • Pharma roudtable – 05/25/2021


Recent Investments

  • Modality.ai –  Conversational AI platform for digital biomarkers


 We are curious about you, your idea and the problem you are trying to solve and why it matters now. We can help you build from nothing or accelerate your venture if you are further along. If we can be partners who can help you realize your dream, we’d love to hear from you. 

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