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Startups exist to solve problems. The number one job for founders is to is learn as much as possible, as fast as possible, for the lowest cost possible, amidst uncertain conditions inside new markets. We take an engineering approach to startup creation. As founders of early-stage companies, we don’t have portfolio of chances that VCs indulge in. The Evidence First program is a structured 6-week course where innovators work with proven business, scientific and technical leaders engaging actively with founders through a blend of 1:1 mentorship and cohort workshops, rapidly iterating through the build-measure-learn cycles to find product-market fit. Within six weeks, we aim to significantly expand the business acumen and networks of founders, and help craft financing and execution strategies to flip the dismal VC failure rates where greater than 80% of VC backed startups simply fail to exit (see below).

Stages of Investment

Failure to exit

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We work with exceptional founders at any scale, building innovative focused solutions for real problems within smaller markets or charging to build a venture scale business. If you would like to submit your company to be considered for the Evidence First program, you can apply here. The program is completely free.