About ProCure

Seasoned Expertise In AI And Neuroscience

ProCure Fund was established from our experiences with our non-profit foundation work related to educating patients on the latest research in ALS. In time, the work extended to successfully conducting one of the largest clinical trials for early diagnosis and disease progression tracking. For this effort, we assembled a high powered team of seasoned scientific advisors and patient advocates. ProCure can provide early stage companies and experimental project teams with the needed structure to develop products to change the world. 

We aim to  work with both early stage ideas and established companies to develop clinically validated digital health products. Our assistance ranges from advisory and data services for established companies, to seed investment in early stage companies.

Early Stage Companies 

ProCure leads pre-seed and seed stage financings in transformative health tech companies. Our data platform provides AI-ready patient data from wearables, sensors and smart devices, and from medical systems to accelerate research and product development. 

We work with companies from the earliest idea stages to transform ideas and visions to successful businesses.  Our strategy is to  accelerate AI solution development  through personal engagement, patient approved data across many neurological conditions, and guidance from our expert advisors. We are also constantly growing our network of follow-on investors to make it easier for our companies to get later stage larger financing.